Treasure Hunt

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Name of Teacher: HRT and ALT

Class/Grade/Language Level: 5th Grade

Textbook and specific lesson: Where is the Treasure

Goal: To be able to identify the correct position words needed.

Preparation: treasure hunt sheets, various objects, flashcards (if needed)

Class time: 20 minutes

Explain the worksheet to the children. The worksheet should consist of easy “where is ____?” questions (ex. Where is the pencil?). Also have a space for the answer (ex. It's ____the ____). This gives them the option to correctly choose the words that belong in the blank spaces. I suggest putting the location words (on, in, etc) on the board.

I suggest reading the questions you’ve prepared out loud with the students so they have a thorough understanding of what they will be looking for (pencil, eraser, objects they should have learned before).

Label all the locations beforehand, I use places like the TV, teachers desk, window, door, basket, etc.

Make them close their eyes and hide the items. Then ask them to complete the worksheet!

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