Twelve Months

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Name of Teacher: Shohei Chiba, Mitra Shahdoost-Rad

Class/Grade/Language Level: JHS 1st Grade

Textbook and specific lesson: Sunshine English Course 1

Goal: To learn and be able to recite the 12 months and 4 seasons

Preparation: Minimal. Stickers and "Little Teacher" lanyards/cards

Class time: 50 minutes

Start class with greetings and 3 questions (2 minutes) What day is it today? What's the date today? How's the weather today?

"(ALT name)'s Time (10 minutes)

Previous “Mitra’s Time”s have included: Hangman, Word Searches, and Castle Game etc.

Hangman topics can be opportunities to introduce cultural differences, vocabulary review, or be related to the season, for example, in October, we did Halloween related words.

Introduction of lesson goal by JTE (3 minutes)

Months Activity (20 minutes)

Month memorization starts with chanting.

JTE says month in Japanese, ALT says month in English, students repeat English month. This is done for all the months and then repeated 2 more times.

JTE mixes months in Japanese and students say month in English. ALT then mixes months in English and students say month in Japanese.

Students then chant all months by themselves 3 times.

Everyone chants together once.

Students then chant the first 6 months to memory. When they are confident, they come to either the JTE or ALT and recite. The first 7 successful students receive the title of “Little Teacher” on a lanyard and a sticker. Classmates can then approach a “Little Teacher” in place of the JTE or ALT. Students that successfully recite the months can go to the JTE or ALT for a sticker. After about 8 minutes, students return the “Little Teacher” cards and then repeat the process for the other 6 months.

Students that complete the activity and aren’t “Little Teachers” are asked to do writing practice of the months in their notebook.

After another 8 minutes, students are asked to give back their “Little Teacher” cards and return to their seats. Everyone then chants the 12 months together one last time.

Seasons Activity (10 minutes)

Next, the chanting, memorization and recitation process is repeated for the 4 seasons.

Class and greetings (5 minutes)

Summary of the class’s achievements by JTE.

That’s all for today, goodbye everyone. Have a nice day.