Unit 5 PowerPoint Revision Quiz

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Name of Teacher: Elley

Class/Grade/Language Level: JHS 2nd grade

Textbook and specific lesson: Unit 5 Revision

Goal: To revise a unit’s grammar points and some vocabulary in a fun way

Preparation: PowerPoint presentation, supplementary materials as required (e.g. puzzles)

Class time: Adjustable as required, but 25-45 minutes is suitable

STEP ONE Preparation – the PowerPoint I recently used this idea to revise New Horizon 2, Unit 5 (if, when, because…), but the idea is applicable to any unit. Make your own, or use my PowerPoint. A slide would contain two images and a grammar point, which the students use to create any correct sentence and win their team a point. For example:

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If necessary, go through a few of the questions as a class to demonstrate how to make an answer. I also included a few mini games randomly throughout the PowerPoint to keep it interesting. For example, using the unit’s new vocabulary, I presented ‘mix up challenges’ - available for any student in the class to answer and snag a point for their team.

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Also included were a couple of puzzle scrambles, which helped to include the slower learners. This enjoyable activity was taken from Mr. Gettmann on Englipedia: [1] One puzzle was given to each of the standing pairs from each team, which they raced as a pair to complete.

STEP TWO Game play 1. Divide the class into three teams, A, B and C, two columns per team. I’ve found this way works more smoothly than creating lunch groups.

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The game then proceeds as per the row game. The first row stands up in preparation to answer the first question. Students may consult with their pairs as needed and raise their hands to answer. A correct answer awards a point for their team. Then the row sits down and the second row stands for the next question, and so on. I have the JTE keep score on the blackboard and choose the student to answer. Most points at end of time period wins. Generally, this game keeps the entire class engaged, as students not standing still talk with their pairs about the answer. However, to keep a less engaged class focused, you could implement a rule where after two or three incorrect answers the question is opened to the entire class for answering.