Vampire Game (ES, grades 4-6)

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Name of Teacher: Alys Turner

Class/Grade/Language Level: 4-6 ES (could maybe work with grade 3 and JHS but I’ve never tried)

Goal: Getting students moving with an active English activity

I recently used this as part of a Halloween lesson. The game is that everyone copies one student’s actions (the ‘vampire’) and another student (the ‘witch ‘detective) has to guess who it is. Get everyone to make a circle (with or without chairs is okay but with chairs usually works better) and send one student out of the room. I call this student the Witch detective (witches hat is optional). Then pick one ‘vampire’. Make sure everyone knows who it is but don’t say their name loudly. Big pointing gestures work well! As you invite the witch back in to the classroom get everyone to clap and say welcome. This makes it easier for the vampire to make their first gesture without it being too obvious. The witch stands in the centre of the circle and tries to guess who the vampire is. The trick to being a good vampire is to keep the movements constantly flowing-hand waving, clapping, foot tapping etc so try to demonstrate this when you’re explaining.

Time limit rules and how much English the kids use etc is up to you. The game works fine even if you don’t teach any English or learn any specific words before you play but it’s nice if you encourage kids to use the words they know already like “yes” and “no” and to say things like “goodbye witch” and “welcome Vampire”.