Vocabulary Fruits Basket (ES/JHS/SHS)

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ALT: Kameron Monterroso

Class/Grade/Language Level: all levels

Textbook and specific lesson: review/practice current vocabulary units

Goal: warm-up; increase listening recognition of spoken vocabulary

Preparation: word list

Class time: 10 or more minutes

Vocabulary Fruits Basket works by

1.)Write vocabulary words that students are currently learning on the board (limit = 4 words) (English = Japanese) style : impudent = 厚かましい; classy = 上品

2.) Make students for a circle with chars.

3.) Confirm that the number of chairs equals one less than amount of people: chairs = (participants) - 1

4.) Assign one person to the middle.

5.) The person assigned to the middle gives names to each person in a seat. The names are the vocabulary: person1 = impudent / person 2 = classy … etc then repeat

6.) Explain rules:

a.)Person in the middle must say both English and Japanese before moving.

b.)No moving into the seat directly next to you.

7.) After about 15 moves, erase either English or Japanese, and ensure students can still say both.