What time is it?

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Teacher: Joyce Tan

Class/Grade/Language Level: New Horizon 1, Unit 7, Part 2

Goal: Practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking using the "What time is it?" / "It's ____" grammar point.

Preparation: Worksheet

Class time: 50minutes

1. ALT/ JTE Greetings (5 minutes): Weather, Date/Day/Time

2. JTE Homework review (15 minutes) JTE checks their homework and goes through the answers with the students, ‘Partner’ workbook

3. ALT Vocabulary check (5 minutes) Give the students 2minutes to fill in the first part of the worksheet

4. JTE/ ALT Listening practice (5 minutes) ...... Read New Horizons 2 page 78 ...... Students fill in part 2 of worksheet

5. ALT Writing practice (3 minutes) ...... Students have 3 minutes to fill in the blanks on the 2nd page of the worksheet ...... They can refer to their textbook (page 78)

6. ALT Comprehension practice (3 minutes) ...... Students have 3 minutes to fill in part 4 of the worksheet ...... They can refer to the other side of their worksheet Worksheet 7. JTE/ ALT Listening practice 2 (5 minutes) ...... Read New Horizons 2 page 78 but ALT will change ‘Brazil’ to their home country, and say the corresponding time and season. ...... Students fill in part 5 of worksheet Worksheet 8. ALT/ JTE Speaking practice (8 minutes) ...... Students fill in the column for ‘Self’ then go around to interview their friends ...... ALT and JTE will help with pronunciation 9. ALT/ JTE Greetings (2 minutes)

  • Worksheet attached below

Name:______________________________ Class:___________ No. ( )

1. 単語復習 家族 季節 違う、異なる 春 午前 夏 午後 秋 ~だから 冬 時々 ~時

2. Listening次の英語を聞いて、季節を書きなさい。 地域 季節 日本 ブラジル

3. 裏の文を完成しなさい。(Turn over the page →)

4. Q&A (ア) What time is it in Brazil? (3語で)

(イ) It is fall in Japan. Is it fall in Brazil, too? (3語で)

5. Listening 2 藤原先生とジョイス先生の話を聞いて、次の表を完成させなさい。 時間 季節 日本 シンガポール

6. Speaking友達をインタビューしよう! 自分 例:What time do you sleep? 11:30 p.m. 10:20 p.m. 9 p.m. 8:30 p.m. 1. What time do you wake up? 2. What time do you go to school? 3. What time do you do your homework? 4. What time do you eat dinner?