When Are You Free?

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Name(s) of Teacher: Katie Young

Class/Grade/Language Level Eikaiwa (or high school too)

Textbook and specific lesson: When are you free? Using at/in/on

Goal: Practice inviting a person to something and doing impromptu conversation.

Preparation: Worksheet (attached)

Class time: about 60 minutes or more

Lesson Plan:

20 min Intro

Warm up 10 min A to Z Freeze Game. Have everyone sing ABC song in their head for a time limit (10 sec) When say “Stop!” identify the letter they stopped on and ask to share something they are looking forward to this week that begins with that letter. For example if the letter is “S”, “Seeing my friend on Saturday”.

15 min Role-play activity

Ask students to read conversation silently first. Then everyone takes turns reading a line out loud. Have them look for the at/in/on words in the conversation. Ask each student when do you use at/in/on. Then have students practice reading the conversation in groups.

Next students will do an invitation role-play with partners. Distribute role-play cards to the students. Help any students who don’t understand their cards. They can write down some notes on their worksheets to help with their language, but avoid writing an actual script for their role-play. The focus is on impromptu language practice. Also make sure they use in/at/on at least once in their role-play. This might be daunting to the students, but remind them that when you make plans with someone you naturally set a date, place, and time. This might make it easier for students to remember!

15 min

Students perform their role-plays!

Feedback and Notes: The cards were made based on my Eikaiwa class (I have many ladies in my group) so the cards use situations they might actually find themselves in. Change the situations to match your group and make it fun! The weirder the situations, the better the skit!