Who Am I?

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Name of Teacher: Veronica Alvarado
Class/Grade/Language Level: Junior High School Games and Warmups
Textbook and specific lesson: N/A
Goal: Warm up, practice speaking and listening
Preparation: N/A
Class time: 20 minutes

“Who am I?” is a successful game at all of my schools. It helps students to practice speaking and listening comprehension. I usually explain the game by demonstrating it with either my JTE or with another student. You would write a name of an animal, food, object, or a famous person. Then you would tape that word on your partner’s back so he/she can guess what you wrote. You would ask such questions like, “Am I an object? Am I a person, etc.” until your partner guesses your word correctly. You can only answer by saying “yes” or “no.” It’s a great activity for kids to practice their verbal and listening skills. This game helps to distract the students after a day of just doing boring textbook work.