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Name of Teacher: Melissa Barcellos
Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary School, adaptable for JHS
Textbook and specific lesson: Family
Goal: Practice family vocabulary
Preparation: Blackboard, Printed band aids with magnets (sheet attached)
Class time:

After introducing family vocabulary (mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, etc).

Have the students create their very own family tree. (Sheet attached). Explain to them how a family tree works.

Tell the students to draw that family member in the circle provided. If they think drawing the person’s face is too hard have them draw something that person likes or something that reminds them of that person.

If they don’t have someone for that circle tell them they can skip it. Or if they want, they can draw their family pets in the circles provided.

After they have finished drawing their family tree have them present it to the class.

Using, “This is _________ (grandma, mom, brother, etc.)”. Also have them provide names. If they drew something other than that person’s face have them say why they drew that picture.

For example if they drew a bird; they have to say why. Maybe their father’s hair looks like a bird.

It’s best if you already have a completed family try to show them. There are also extra circles on the bottom for family additional family members in case there isn’t room.