Yearbook making and signing party

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Lesson Title: Yearbook making and signing party

Name: Elizabeth Windsor

Grade/English level: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year JHS students (It can also work well for Eikaiwa students)

Goal: For students to learn about a popular school tradition in America and practice writing about some of their favorite things. This is also a good lesson for teaching about the differences between the school year in Japan and America.

Preparation/Materials: Student photos (or you can have students can draw their own self-portrait instead), a yearbook template printed on large (B4 size), thick paper, scissors, and coloring utensils. Here is an example of a yearbook template: File:Yearbookmaking.docx

Class time: This activity takes a whole class period. It might be good to start class with a presentation about the end of the school year in America. Make sure to include pictures about yearbook signing parties, different yearbook designs and styles, class photos, and yearbook signature pages.

Next, have students fill in the information about themselves in their “yearbook”. Then introduce some common phrases that people write in yearbooks such as “Have A Great Summer”, (H.A.G.S.), or “BFF”, (Best Friends Forever).You can also encourage students to write short sentences such as, “You are good at (baseball)”, or “You are (funny)”. Finally, let students sign each other’s yearbooks!