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Name of Teacher: Valeria Reyes

Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary 4th-6th

Textbook and specific lesson: Hi Friends 1 Lesson 1 – 2nd time

Goal: The kids can say their names and where they are from.

Preparation: Print out worksheets, cut out cards. 10-15 mins. Download Link for Yurukyara Worksheet: JPG or DOC

Class time: 30 mins or all, depending on your class.

Start (5-7 mins)
Greetings: How are you?
Daily Questions: “What’s the date?” “It’s May, June..” etc. “What day is it today?” “It’s Wednesday, etc.” “How’s the weather?” “It’s sunny & hot.” Etc.
Review: Phonics
Interview Corner: I usually ask the kids in rows a question everytime. I choose the rows randomly (eenie meenie) and then the question can be review “What color do you like~?” etc.

Review - Greetings from around the world (5 mins)
Play video of a country or use flags & practice greetings.

France Bonjour Spanish Hola!
Thailand Sawasdee Krab / Ka Russia pree-VYEHT
Arabic As-salam alaykom India (hindi) Namaste

Review “What’s your name?” (10 mins)

Write this conversation in parts (I, II) for the game coming up later. You can write important words in Japanese.

They'll do janken. The winner is A

Part I:
A: What’s your name?
B: My name is _______.  I’m from _______

Part I: REVIEW. Bring in pictures of “special guests.” For example, pictures of soccer players that Japan will play against in the FIFA world cup. Or something relevant.

Part II:
And you?
A: My name is _______.  I’m from _______.
Nice to meet you.
B: Nice to meet you, too!

PART II: NEW Explain that they don’t have to say “What’s your name?” again, and just “And you?” or “How about you?” And if it’s the first time, you can say “Nice to meet you, (too)!”

Practice pronunciation with them a few times.

Game Time. Yuru Kyara Hunter! (Explanation 5. Practice 5. Do it in 5-10)

Since everyone knows their friends names, give them new identities. I gave them the names of different mascots from around Japan. I brought in kind of rare ones so it’s really the first time meeting them.

Give them all the following worksheet with the characters in it. Then give them their own character cards (print 2-3 copies of the worksheet in color so they have the color impact from their own character, the regular worksheet can be in b&w). They will get all excited and forget everything you ever said, so after passing out the cards, practice the conversation a couple more times before releasing them into the wild. You can enter the game too to make sure they are saying what they need to be saying. Give them around 7 minutes to collect all the characters they can.

If you didn’t finish your own card, you can ask them to help you by using “Are you...?” – You can tell them that it’s the difference between not knowing the name at all (What’s your name?) and knowing the name but not sure and want to check… “Are you Mr. Kurumi?” The people that are that character stand up. Go thank them and greet them.

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Yurukyara Worksheet