Zombie Game (ES/JHS)

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Name of Teacher: Todd Hargrave

Class/Grade/Language Level: ES/JHS

Textbook and specific lesson: any

Goal: practice using the target grammar (Q and A format)

Preparation: none

Class time: 10-15 minutes

A number of students in the class are turned into ‘zombies’, they can be selected by having the students put their heads down and the ALT/JTE/HRT go around tapping their heads, boys vs girls, etc.

Students walk around asking the target grammar, (bad) example:

A. Are you a Zombie?

B. Yes, I am! / No, I’m not! How about you?

A. Yes, I am! / No, I’m not!

If both students are zombies/humans, they say goodbye and continue. If one is a zombie and the other a human, they play rock, scissors, paper and the loser changes sides to the winner’s side. After 3-5 minutes of this, one of the sides should have gained a majority/the entirety and you can then declare “ningen zenmetsu” (human extinction) or “zombie zenmetsu.”

Variation: for patterns with multiple answers, i.e. What do you want?, play with multiple warring zombie factions.