The YOKA Spring 2021

The Spring 2021 YOKA is available now! This quarter’s YOKA features the following…

  • My Favourite Place: Yushima by Catherine Burke
  • Adventuring in Amakusa by Melissa Wright
  • The Return of the 熊本かんつ by Harry Barter
  • A Story of Love and Loss: Cleaning Tatami in Rainy Season by Jo Dennis
  • A Story by Zaynab Nahkid
  • Macrocosmic Onus by Seinao (Lewis Marks)
  • Illustrations/Designs: “デパート2021” by Mary Painter and “Typography Kumamon” by Quinlan Fletcher
  • Photos by Kevin Anderson, Jonathan Kling and Daniel McCoy

This YOKA was designed by Jonathan Kling.

Not sure what the YOKA is? The YOKA is a quarterly English-language newsletter written and designed by Kumamoto JETs. For more information anWe happily accept submissions for future YOKAs! If you are interested in contributing an article, photo, or creative piece for a future issue, then please e-mail your submission to [email protected]

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